HKSF is an international and independent short film festival. Our festival presents a platform where everyone over 18 years old can enjoy short films featuring hedonism and any kind of human pleasure. 

Also, this platform is aimed at building an inspiring environment for the professional exchange of experience among the Ukrainian and foreign creative audiovisual producers.


Our Story

Starting from 2020, the information space broadcasts so much negative news and reports about COVID-19. The festival was launched a year ago by a young couple: a Ukrainian director and a representative of the tech industry. The purpose of the event is to distract people from bad news at least for a while with the help of warm, bright movies.

The festival theme - hedonism - is chosen for a reason. First of all due to the overall need for psychological consolation and escape from the current tough routine.

Last year, the festival shortlisted 35 audio-visual works that highlight a variety of ways of self-expression and remind people of how fantastic our life is at the end of the day. Amazing food, travel, the human body - everything is fantastic and worth enjoying, even through video content.

For the second year in a row, HKSF will be held both online and offline. Offline broadcast event will take place in a picturesque location in Kiev. Not only does it reflect the theme of the festival, but also enhances the visual joy that you get from watching movies.

Thanks to the online festival format, HKSF has no geographical restrictions, as well as genre. Short films, animated, commercial and music videos are available for viewers from all over Ukraine and worldwide.

Besides, watching movies online and offline is completely free, and therefore available for anyone, including people with disabilities. The organizers of the festival make English and Ukrainian subtitles for all festival finalists.


We’re planning to raise 3300$. Where do we allocate this money to?

We already have a team of dedicated volunteers who support us at the festival at no cost, but we still have the items to be paid for.

We openly share this list of items and ask you to support us and as a result contribute to the cultural development of Ukraine and further development of our platform aimed at promoting visual pleasures.

  1. 1700$ - technical support for offline broadcast (projector, screen, sound system, electricity generator, etc.)

  2. 150$ - furniture (chairs for visitors, tables, fences, etc.)

  3. 550$ - we want as many young talented people as possible to learn about us, so we will spend these funds on print ad posters and digital ads in social networks to spread a word about our festival

  4. 190$ - transport expenses (delivery of equipment, furniture, taxi and gasoline for festival volunteers)

  5. 300$ - presents. We really appreciate all festival partners, friends and volunteers, 52 of them to be precise. So we’re planning to thank them with special hedonistic gifts, because they are really worth it

  6. 150$ - technical support and development of the festival's online platform

  7. 260$ - open-air for our offline event


Be sure, we’ve prepared gifts for all festival supporters. "I’m a patron of the international independent short film festival HKSF" - sounds great, doesn’t it?! So we are looking forward to your support.


Or send money directly to card:
₴ 4441 1144 5086 3830
$ 5375 4188 0000 2057
€ 5375 4199 0147 8865

Contact us in instagram to receive your gift:

Gift for a $5+ donation 

Now you can tell your friends that you are a patron and an official hedonist of the international short film festival HKSF!


Gift for a $15+ donation 

The HKSF officially publishes your photo on its social network announcing you a festival patron and supporter of the international short film festival. And we will send you a hedonistic postcard by mail.


Gift for a $20+ donation 

Get treated with a glass of super delicious cider by the co-founder of the HKSF festival. If you are not located in Kiev, this cider will be sent to you by mail.


Gift for a $40+ donation 

You’ll get an original stylish shopper bag HKSF 2021 with a tasty hedonistic gift!


Gift for a $80+ donation 

A special ‘patron’ chair is reserved specifically for you at the HKSF 2021 offline event. Additionally, you will receive a hedonistic shopper bag from the HKSF 2021 festival!